Our Story

My brother and I came up with the idea to start Bush League Baseball back in 2012.  At the time, I was in Grade 8 at my local baseball academy.  I had been playing baseball for many years and was excited to start on this journey.  


We decided that it would be cool to create custom wood bats with more personalized options than you could find from anyone else.  Our first step was to sell some hockey equipment, buy a wood lathe and start spinning.  Although each bat took countless hours to shape, stain, decal, lacquer and polish, we quickly became the talk of the town amongst the local baseball community.  Almost instantly after I brought my first custom Bush League Bat to practice we had so many orders from my teammates that we had to work through the nights in order to keep up... and thus, Bush League Bats was born.  


Over the years since then we began taking Bush League on the road to various baseball tournaments around Canada.  We also shifted our focus from wood bats to baseball lifestyle apparel.  We believe that being a baseball player isn't just something we do every day on the field, but rather, it's a lifestyle that is carried into every aspect of our world. 


Our mission is to help ball players become part of the brotherhood outside the foul lines - with the community of baseball lovers that is all around us.   


We are Bush League.